BSLBATT Lithium Battery Pack

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Why do people choose BSLBATT?

Professional, high-performance and factory-made

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    Modular design

    Compact size, flexible installation and configuration, strong scalability.


    High safety

    LiFePO4 material system is used, with high safety, long cycle life, stability and reliability.


    Protection mechanisms

    This system is equipped with comprehensive protection strategies and a fault-response mechanism. It supports the parallel operation of multiple battery clusters and DC incoming busbar logic protection and control.

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    Intelligent management technology

    equipped with BMS battery management system, intelligent protection of battery cells during charging and use, extending the life cycle.


    Low energy consumption

    Ability to store energy for up to 6 months without charging, free of memory effect, excellent performance in shallow charge and discharge.


    Easy maintenance

    The battery modules are easy to insert and remove. Front-facing operation and maintenance are made possible across all procedures. Operation and maintenance costs are low.

Highly consistent factory technology

  • 2 series
  • ≥5,000 cycles
    String cycle life@0.5C, 25℃
  • 90Ah
    Battery cell capacity

BSLBATT has developed a highly stable and user-friendly energy storage product which has been certified according to IEC 62619. It is available in two standard series, one consisting of a high voltage unit and 15 standard battery packs (P9) and the other consisting of 20 standard battery packs (P10) and a high voltage unit. The maximum capacities of the entire battery pack are 138kWh and 207kWh. The SMU in the high voltage unit allows for efficient management of the entire battery pack and helps to improve the safety performance and cycle life of the system throughout its lifetime. This product is ideal for a variety of solutions such as PV + Storage, mini-grids, backup power, megawatt hour scale energy storage plants, PV consumption and large C&I peak and valley reduction applications.

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Commercial, professional energy storage solutions

BSLBATT's ESS series battery clusters are lithium-ion battery clusters designed for high-capacity energy storage systems, mainly for large-scale renewable energy generation, grid peaking and frequency regulation, emergency backup, distribution network upgrading, distributed generation and micro-grid systems.

In current commercial applications, the BSLBATT energy storage system's 4 main advantages of high safety, long life, fast charging and discharging, and high efficiency can bring out performance and durability that is difficult to achieve with other batteries, and can provide commercial and professional energy storage solutions for the grid, industry, transportation, military, communication base stations, storage and logistics, and new energy generation.

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