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Status: February 2021

Applicability of policy

This Cookie Policy applies to the current website operated by the BSLBATT. 

Concept of cookies

When you visit BSLBATT websites, information is stored on your terminal device in the form of a "cookies." Cookies are small files that are stored on your terminal device and save certain settings and data to exchange with our websites via your browser.

For each visit to the websites, our server automatically recognizes and stores the visitor's IP address. In addition, our websites use cookies which may automatically collect information from you such as your area code, region and sign-in username. For example, cookies enable us to store your password so that you do not have to re-enter it every time.

Data protection

In certain circumstances, the use of storage and data recovery devices in terminal equipment of the recipients, such as cookies, may involve the processing of personal data. Said data processing will be legitimated if the users have given their consent about the purposes of data processing.

In this sense, the personal data (hereinafter, the "Data") that the user of this website provides to the owner of the website, at the time of navigation through the website, and through the use thereof, will be processed with the express consent of the user for the following purposes:

(i) The provision of the services offered by BSLBATT through the website.

(ii) The analysis of the user's browsing habits.

BSLBATT may provide the Data to service providers that may eventually have access to the user’s Data on behalf of BSLBATT (for instance, companies which provide technology and information services).

Users may withdraw their consent at any time. If you do not want us to recognize your terminal device, please configure your internet browser to erase all cookies from your device, to block all cookies or to receive a warning before a cookie is stored. You can control and/or delete cookies as you wish – read about it here:

Additionally, the User may control rights of access, rectification, erasure, object, restriction of processing, portability, and has the right to not be object of an automated individual decision-making, including profiling.

Users can find additional information about the processing of their personal data by contacting the Data Protection Officer via

Authorization for the use of cookies

In accordance with the Cookie Policy, BSLBATT will use cookies for the purposes detailed in this Policy. The user of this website may modify or reject the cookies.

Types of cookies

The user who browses the Web can find cookies inserted directly by the owner of the website, or cookies inserted by third parties. Cookies can be assigned to four categories, depending on their function and intended purpose: absolutely necessary cookies, performance cookies, functional cookies, and cookies for marketing purposes.

  1. Absolutely necessary cookies: are needed for you to navigate within BSLBATT websites and operate basic website functions, such as the issuance of anonymous Session IDs for bundling several related queries to a server.

  2. Performance cookies: collect information on the usage of our websites, including for example the Internet browsers and operating systems used, the domain name of the website which you previously visited, the number of visits, average duration of visit, and pages called up. These cookies do not store any information that would make it possible to personally identify the user. The information collected with the aid of these cookies is aggregated and is therefore anonymous. Performance cookies serve the purpose of improving the user friendliness of a website and therefore enhancing the user’s experience. You can block the use of such cookies by creating an exclusion cookie (see “managing cookies” below).

  3. Functional cookies: enable a website to store information the user has already entered (such as user ID, language selection, or the user’s location), in order to offer improved, personalized functions to the user. Functional cookies are also used to enable requested functions such as playing videos and to make a user’s decision to block or disable a certain function (e.g. web analysis) persistent (“opt-out cookies”).

  4. Cookies for marketing purposes: are used to offer more relevant content to users, based on their specific interests. BSLBATT doesn’t apply marketing cookies.

Managing cookies

Please note that all the cookies mentioned below will necessarily be used when you browse our website using a mobile terminal device.

Performance cookies: We use Adobe Analytics on our website for constantly improving the website and/or detecting errors. For this purpose, Adobe Analytics anonymously stores and analyzes various kinds of data, including the visited website and the website’s metadata, websites that link to BSLBATT, the time of the visit, and the browser used.

Please click Here to prevent Adobe Analytics from aggregating and analyzing the data collected from your visit to this website. By doing this, you will create a so-called exclusion cookie in your browser. It contains no personal data, but technically enables Adobe Analytics to permanently recognize your preference.

Deleting the exclusion cookie or switching browsers will require another creation of an exclusion cookie via the same process listed in the previous paragraph.

Browser settings

We remind BSLBATT website users that the use of cookies is subject to acceptance. This acceptance may be revoked. Please note that certain functions of our website may no longer work, or not work correctly, without cookies.

If you do not want us to recognize your terminal device, please configure your Internet browser to erase all cookies from your device, to block all cookies or to receive a warning before cookies are stored. You can control and/or delete cookies as you wish. Find more information at or via the provider of your browser.

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