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    Load shifting

    Storing energy during off-peak hours and releasing it during peak hours in order to reduce electricity bills by partially replacing expensive peak hour electricity consumption.


    Capacity compensation

    Where the load on the customer side is higher than the grid capacity, The BSL Grid-ess C20 uses a scheduling strategy to automatically compensate for the capacity of the distribution system and improve the voltage quality at the customer side.


    Substantial revenue

    Good interaction with grid partners through participation in demand response programmes. Helps to reduce peak loads. Receives incentives from the grid.

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    Balance the output curve

    Ensures renewable energy can be easily dispatched. B20 will release energy when needed to offset peak loads and reduce grid energy consumption during peak hours.


    Make better use of renewable energy generation

    Take advantage of flexible energy storage systems to increase power consumption from renewable energy sources and reduce wind and solar power consumption, thus reducing pressure on the grid during peak and low hours.


    Standby power

    In the event of a sudden power failure, B20 can be used as a back-up power source. Discharge mode is immediately switched on to support and safeguard critical loads.

Continuous power supply for your business

  • 2 types
  • 3 levels
    monitoring and management
  • 10 years
    quality assurance

The system has a low speed charge/discharge function with TOU / PDS / ADR energy management strategy; allows the export of historical and real time data; and has a three level monitoring and management mechanism for the battery and a protection strategy in case of emergency.

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Energy storage solutions for C&I and renewable energy

The BSLBATT B20 is a battery energy storage system with a capacity of 1.1MWh for small C&I, microgrids, distributed renewable energy power stations and other scenarios. 

The system comes in a 20ft long prefabricated structure. container with a modular design. The container neatly integrates eight 138kWh energy storage units, PCS, transformer, fire protection unit and environmental monitoring unit.

By separating the battery room from the electrical room with fire ducting and optimised air ducts, the safe operation of the system is ensured throughout its life cycle.

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