BSL-192V 200Ah Lithium ESS Battery

The total capacity of the BSL 192V 200Ah rack-mounted energy storage system is 38.4 kWh. It has a small footprint, and is highly efficient, compact, modular and expandable. It can be used worldwide, and can be medium, large and Edge data centers provide top performance, such as critical infrastructure in commercial and industrial facilities.

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Why do people choose BSLBATT?

Professional, high-performance and factory-made

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    OEM Service

    Our professional lithium battery engineers and designers can customize the capacity and shape of the battery energy storage module according to your situation; thereby producing a battery energy storage system that meets your usage scenarios.


    LiFePo4 Technology

    The modular design of LiFePo4 battery is adopted to meet all the advantages of lithium iron phosphate, such as longer battery life and zero maintenance cost.


    Diversified Scenarios

    It can be used as an energy storage module to connect to solar or wind power generation systems, or as a backup power source to provide electricity during periods when the grid is not working!

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    Turnkey Solution

    The whole system consists of a lithium battery management system, a display screen, a PDU high-voltage power distribution module, and a standard battery module to form a system battery module.


    3.2V Cells

    Cell self-discharge rate ≤3%/month, using brand new cells, 25±2℃ 50%SOC storage after 3 months.


    Working Conditions

    The battery pack should be able to work normally in an environment with an altitude of less than 2000m.

Battery Storage Facility

  • Box 1
    4 9S1P battery modules, including BMU and supporting links
  • Box 2
    3 8S1P battery modules + BMU + high voltage components
  • Connection line
    Power line, communication line

The BSL-192V residential off-grid hybrid microgrid solution can perfectly combine solar power generation technology with electric energy storage and release technology, and successfully build an independent solar energy storage system.

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BSL-192V is a green alternative to diesel generators. His size is width 442 × height 131 × depth 680 (mm). Rack-based battery container. Compact design allows up to 38.4kWh energy capacity

BSL-192V balances energy supply and demand, avoiding large investments in energy networks and connections. In addition, the combination of BSL-192V with solar and/or wind energy enables trading opportunities and autonomous power grids. BSL-192V is used by many homes/small businesses and industrial manufacturing companies, effectively reducing the increasing cost of electricity. More and more homes/small businesses can even become power suppliers with the support of the BSL-192V solar power system to get rid of the passive and disadvantaged position of energy costs in the past, thus avoiding the disadvantageous situation of energy shortage. The price of electricity has risen and it has entered a new world of clean and circular energy.

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