Large battery storage system

We provide large battery storage power stations help more utilities get steady access to the Internet

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Why do people choose BSLBATT?

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    Improving power quality

    The BSLBATT B40 mitigates harmonic distortion in the distribution system where a high level of power quality and voltage waveform is required on the customer side. It helps regulate active power and efficiently performs reactive power control, thus providing customers with a smooth voltage waveform.


    Load shifting

    Storing energy during off-peak hours and releasing it during peak hours in order to reduce electricity bills by partially replacing expensive peak hour electricity consumption.


    Significant income

    Good interaction with grid partners through participation in demand response programmes Helps to reduce peak loads and gain incentives from the grid.

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    Back-up power supply

    The BSLBATT B40 can be used as a back-up power supply in the event of a sudden power failure. Discharge mode will immediately switch on to support and safeguard critical loads.


    Better use of renewable energy to generate electricity

    Make the most of flexible energy storage systems to increase the consumption of electricity generated from renewable sources and reduce the consumption of wind and solar energy to reduce the pressure on the grid during peak and low hours.


    Better distributability of renewable energy

    B40 demonstrates the advantages of flexibility very well. It is able to store excess energy and release it during peak loads in accordance with the generation schedule. It helps to reduce the consumption of wind and solar energy, thus reducing the strain on the grid during peak and trough times.

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    monitoring and management
  • 10 years
    quality assurance

The system has high rate discharge capability and a stable discharge profile; full integration at the physical, network and application layers to ensure stable and reliable operation; supports cloud-based scheduling and facilitates economical operation with active/passive balancing enabled; and uses RTU-based control technology to ensure that all subsystems are compatible and to reduce the possibility of single points of failure.

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Large battery storage systems

The BSLBATT B40 is a prefabricated large energy storage system specifically tailored for renewable energy power stations and large C&I applications.

 It consists of 16 standard S138 high-energy battery packs equipped with fire protection and electrical installations in accordance with international standards. 

An environmental control system is installed inside the container, which helps to extend the life of the battery system. Intelligent battery management technology is utilised to improve safety over the life of the system.

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