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    Capacity compensation

    The BSLBATT B10 uses a dispatching strategy to automatically compensate the capacity of the distribution system and improve the voltage quality at the customer's end when the load on the customer side is higher than the grid capacity.


    Load shifting

    Storing energy during off-peak hours and releasing it during peak hours in order to reduce electricity bills by partially replacing expensive peak hour electricity consumption.


    Output curve moving average

    Ensuring that renewable energy can be easily dispensed. B10 will release energy when needed to reduce load peaks and reduce grid power consumption during peak hours.

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    Significant income

    Good interaction with grid partners through participation in demand response programmes Helps to reduce peak loads and gain incentives from the grid.


    Back-up power supply

     B10 can be used as a back-up power supply in the event of a sudden power failure. Discharge mode is immediately switched on to support and safeguard critical loads


    Better use of renewable energy to generate electricity

    Make full use of flexible energy storage systems to increase the consumption of electricity generated from renewable sources and reduce the consumption of wind and solar energy, thus reducing the pressure on the grid during peak and low hours.

Continuous power supply

  • 2 types
  • 3 levels
    monitoring and management
  • 10 years
    quality assurance

The system features low-speed charging and discharging capabilities and an intelligent design that supports local and cloud-based management and scheduling; advanced temperature control technology and an optimised air duct design with less than 5°C temperature difference between batteries in containers; and patented technology at the heart of the GridPoint Controller to provide status notifications and alerts through real-time monitoring.

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Reliability, safety and stability you can trust

The BSLBATT B10 is a distributed energy storage system with a capacity of 430kWh, suitable for supporting small C&I loads and for moving average power output from new energy sources. 

The unit is a prefabricated structure with a standard 10ft container and modular design. Two S215 battery storage units, PCS, transformer, fire protection unit and environmental monitoring unit are neatly integrated in a single container. 

With flexible deployment, it can be delivered and put into operation quickly, providing the user with powerful power support and considerable economic benefits.

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