Based on safe, cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate electrochemistry, the BSLBATT HV Battery PACK is scalable from 153.6V to 1500V, with a cycle life of over 6000 cycles.

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Why Choose BSL HV PACK ?

Professional, high-performance and made in China

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    Easy Installation

    Fast installation, standard 19-inch embedded design module, simple installation and maintenance.


    Safe and Reliable

    The cathode material is made of LiFePO4, which has excellent safety and cycle life, low self-discharge of the module, can be stored for up to 6 months without charging, no memory effect, excellent shallow charging and discharging performance.


    Intelligent BMS

    With over-discharge, over-charge, over-current, over-high or over-low temperature protection function. The system can automatically manage the charging and discharging state to balance the current and voltage of each battery. Support USB upgrade, WiFi upgrade, and remote upgrade.

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    Environmentally Friendly

    The whole module is non-toxic, non-polluting and environmentally friendly.


    Operating Environment

    The working temperature ranges from -20°C to 55°C, suitable for residential, industrial, commercial, small business, solar farm, UPS and other scenarios.


    Powerful Expansion Capability

    The HV Battery PACK is highly expandable, but with a wide range of battery strings from 153.6V to 1500V, it also supports parallel connection of multiple battery packs to expand capacity and power up to a maximum of 890kWh.

From Residential to C & I

  • 10 Years
  • 2 Types
  • 2 Levels
    Monitoring and management

The HV PACK is a more flexible and cost-effective rack module for residential and commercial/industrial energy storage, featuring a 19-inch box design, a wide range of voltage options from 153.6V to 1500V, and support for up to 6 systems in parallel.

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BSLBATT HV Series Durable, High Performance, Modular

Combined with a high voltage single-phase or three-phase solar inverter, the HV Battery PACK can be used in a variety of scenarios for energy storage, including homes, schools, hotels, manufacturing plants, solar farms, and as a back-up power source with a UPS for use in data centers, banks, and more.

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