Rack-mounted Commercial Battery Pack

BSL-480V was developed for larger systems and infrastructure. The nominal voltage is 480V, and the energy storage capacity is 57.6kWh. The modular structure and comprehensive IT management system provide an almost unlimited expansion system. BSL-480V has many grid functions, such as voltage stability, optimal bandwidth usage delay, frequency control, emergency power supply, reactive power supply or peak shaving are all possible.

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Why do people choose BSLBATT?

Professional, high-performance and factory-made

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    Battery Management System

    The Lithium battery module is placed in the battery box and adopts a cabinet design. The battery system includes batteries and a complete BMS protection system.


    Safe Energy

    Under the requirements of environmental protection, it is inclined to use new alternative energy sources. The backup power supply developed with safe and environmentally friendly lithium iron phosphate lithium batteries has become the only choice to replace lead-acid batteries.


    OEM Service

    Our professional lithium battery engineers and designers can customize the capacity and shape of the battery energy storage module according to your situation; thereby producing a battery energy storage system that meets your usage scenarios.

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    LiFePo4 Technology

    The modular design of LiFePo4 battery is adopted to meet all the advantages of lithium iron phosphate, such as longer battery life and zero maintenance cost.


    Turnkey Solution

    The whole system consists of a lithium battery management system, a display screen, a PDU high-voltage power distribution module, and a standard battery module to form a system battery module.


    Working Conditions

    The battery pack should be able to work normally in an environment with an altitude of less than 2000m.

Battery Storage Facility

  • Cells
    LiFePo4 3.2V/40Ah
  • Battery Box
    3 10S1P battery modules, including BMU and supporting links
  • High Pressure Box
    Display + BMU + high voltage components
  • Combiner Box

The high-voltage battery energy storage system consists of 3 battery clusters with a capacity of 19.2kWh and 1 set of combiner boxes. A single battery cluster consists of 5 battery boxes (including batteries + BMS) and 1 high-voltage box (including circuit breaker + BMS + high-voltage protection components) Etc.), the overall system battery module 480V40Ah*3 (19.2Kwh*3) is composed of a lithium battery management system, a display screen, a high-voltage power distribution module, and a standard battery module.

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BSLBATT ESS Battery manufactures various lithium battery energy storage systems. From grid stability in power generation, transmission and distribution to end-user consumption, BSL’s lithium battery energy storage system provides stability and added value across the entire energy range.

Self-managed LFP batteries with internal BMS provide you with a safe choice of lithium for solar and storage, battery backup, energy transfer, peak jump, UPS, telecommunications, AC coupling, DC coupling, off-grid and grid-connected.

Our lithium energy storage system is designed and manufactured in China, flexible and easy to install. Through our own design and manufacturing, we can achieve quality and reliability suitable for the global renewable energy market.

The BSL-480V system combines a proprietary battery management system (BMS) and LiFePo4, 1.28kWh modules, and can be expanded for use in microgrids, electric vehicle charging, data centers, and pre-instrument utilities. The scale of energy storage ranges from 32kWh to more than 2.5MWH Building blocks. As a pioneer in the field of energy storage, BSL works with utilities and government organizations to ensure that our products meet the conditions of the incentive plan.

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